Sandra Ahnstrom

Extension Project

EDLA –615


This story is classic. Although the degrees of it may vary, I think that most people have experienced the situations depicted in this storyline. Our world revolves around money, social class, family and fitting in. This is a story that constantly repeats itself time and time again throughout history. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to West Side Story, the idea is still the same. It forced me to take a step back and realize that there is always a bigger picture to life. From the best cars and the best house to the best for our children. Life is a constant battle to get ahead and be the best. Hopefully we learn some of life’s important lessons along the way.

 I would rate my presentation as expert. My project clearly communicates the meaning of the book. It is well organized in the fact that I presented my material in the order that it occurred. It was visually creative and artistic. Each slide looked different and I chose the background because it reflected my feelings as I read the story. I chose details that I felt were relevant to the story without telling everything. I set my presentation up to make people want to read the story and fill in the details. I really enjoyed the book and will probably read it again.