Belinda David
EDLA 615 Summer 2005
 Prof. Silverman

Literature Circles Extension Project


Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit is certainly one of the best pieces of  literatures I have read. The storyline which evolves around a young girl name Winnie Foster, branches out into important issues about life. The structure of the book focuses on family, love, friendship, deceit, selflessness, and magic. Through a mythical topic, such as the spring water, the Tuck’s family secret to immortal life, The author ventures into the challenges of decisions or choices we make in life.

In a time when the better part of today’s society strife so hard to maintain their youthfulness, Tuck everlasting certainly makes the reader reevaluate the consequences of stunting natural human growth. The following slides will depict visual images and written information which captures the important events that were carried out throughout the book.