Carol Lempka

Extension Project

EDLA –615


I chose to create a collage as my extension project for the book Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.  The collage represents the different themes that were carried throughout the book.  While completing this project I reflected on the different images that stood out for me while I was reading the book.  I tried to capture the emotions that the author conveyed and that I felt as I read the book. 


The center of the collage is the cover of the book Bridge to Terabithia.  Along the top of the collage is a cow that represents Miss Bessie.  The two farm houses and the boy with the dog running in between the houses, represents the journey for Jess from a lonely life to a life filled with friendship with Leslie.  The two children playing represent the friendship that Leslie and Jess shared together.  The bridge is the bridge to Terabithia and a life of imagination, change and growth.  The female represents Miss Edmunds and the great impact she has had in Jess’s life.  The king and the queen are the roles that Jess and Leslie played while in Terabithia.  The claddagh ring represents friendship loyalty and love.   The friendship picture and the ring are meant to capture the importance of Leslie’s friendship for Jess.

The drawing of the boy at nighttime is meant to represent Jess and his love of drawing.  The brother and sister are Jess and May Belle at the end of the story with their newfound bond.  The boy placing flowers at a grave is for the loss and grief that Jess has felt for Leslie.  The tall trees are the trees that toward over Jess and Leslie in their secret world of Terabithia.  The long road represents the future for Jess and what will become of him.


I would rate this project as an expert project.  The meaning of the book was conveyed in this collage.  The project was well organized and I paid attention to detail in order to capture all themes within the book.  It was creative and visually appealing and would draw readers to the story. 


The images all came from image search.