Christine Butler

Extension project Tuck Everlasting


I was not sure how to capture all the different scenes that stood out in my mind after I finished reading the book so I decided to create a collage. I made a list of all the points that I wanted the pictures to capture such as wood, spring, family, friendship, evil, greed, mystery, fear, and secrets. After making the list I decided to search for pictures that depict the information that I wanted. I then tried to find an application that I could create the collage in I tried word, power point then finally chose publisher. To organize the collage I decided to put the woods and the water in the middle panel because these were the main backbone of the book and they affected all the lives of the characters. The other pictures were arranged around the woods.


Below is a description of the collage   I hope that I captured the essence of the book.


The Collage for the Extension Project


 I will start with the middle panel because the “woods” is the central location in the book and leads even to the lost of a life. The woods seem thick, dense, impenetratable and holds many secrets that you might want to investigate if you are inquisitive enough. Winnie was such an individual and when she investigated she found beauty within as is the pictured by the sun streaking through the leaves. The place is bright and sunning rather than dark and gloomy as looking from the outside implies. This is true of our relationships that are sometimes developed with people we cannot “judge a book by its cover you gave to investigate”.


The water looks blue, serene and inviting and makes you want to have a drink but doing so will change your like forever. That is what happened the Tuck family who drank and looked the same forever. The family is there because the book has a strong sense of family and shows that the Tuck's even though they cannot stay in one location for any period of time, is loving and appreciative of each other. They have a very warm bond, as families should and it is some of these qualities that no doubt attracted Winnie to them.


The bag with the cartoon denotes a secret because you cannot see through it.  A  sense of fear of discovery that the Tuck’s live with daily that is why they have to keep hiding their true identity. This is done through continuously moving from place to place.  Not really forming any bond out side of the family except for Winnie.


There is a strong sense of friendship and loyalty shown between the Tuck's and Winnie especially with Jessie. The picture with the two hands symbolizes friendship between people.  The friendship is forever on the side of the Tucks but not Winnie since she dies and the live forever, that is why the words are the wrong side up.  The loyalty is seen in the fact that Winnie kept the secret and even when as far as going into the jail house to protect the secret that the Tucks were immortal.


There is the underlying evil in the form of, the man in the yellow suit, who is the arrow point to the trees that he wants. He also is greedy as shown by the money that his eyes pops oust at. This many is manipulative and will do any thing to make a buck and no one stands in his way. He lost his life because of this attitude and the fact that he wanted to sell the water this exposing the secret. When Winnie’s parents were grieving for their child all he was thinking about was manipulating the situation to get what he wants, the forest. A just reward for the man in the yellow suit?


Picture credit to the following sites Mountain-Spring-Water.jpg am/images/amazonia.jpg