Delia Joseph

Tuck Everlasting Extension Project


I actually had to read this book more than once to sort out the mixed feelings I felt and come to some conclusion about what feelings impacted me the most. I was uncertain as to what was exactly was an extension project. I actually agonized over it for many days in spite of reviewing the very resourceful website presented by Professor Silverman.

 As a Math teacher my greatest fear was not being able to make a presentation that would communicate the objectives of an English assignment. After careful review of the a few sample projects I decided to use the graphic map from This is a tool can be used at various points in the lesson however used it in the post reading stage to highlight the high and low points of the events of the story. The map allows for in-depth analysis of all the events of the story.

I read the book many times before I decided to draw the map. While I prepared the map I got a deeper sense of the feelings of the characters and understand the reasons behind the actions taken. I empathized with Mae and understood exactly why she had to take such drastic action. Her maternal instincts just kicked in.

 The Graphic map allowed me to cater to all learners especially visual learners who are always motivated by what they see. Although the pictures were limited I tried to the best of my ability to use pictures that as close as possible mirror the events. The number of characters that can be typed in a slot example “ the chapter “ slot is limited, example I wanted to type “ twenty three and twenty four” and could not include both of them. I choose not to use numbers because it is an English assignment.

 I can use the Graphic Map in my Math classes. Students can summarize the chapters and indicate what areas are their strengths or weaknesses. I will definitely recommend it to my colleague is student friendly and fun to draw.