Gina Marandino
August 5, 2005

Language Arts and Technology
Professor Silverman

Bridge to Terabithia

When I was considering what project to do I concluded that I wanted to do something that explored the characters in the book. I felt this topic was relevant because the traits of each person in the story had a huge impact on the relationships in the story. For example, Jess’s father was cold and distant; therefore Jess did not have a good relationship with him. On the other hand, Jess did have a good relationship with Leslie because she was kind and took time to understand Jess.

I feel that when doing a project about a character, the best choices would be either Jess or Leslie since their characters are divulged most throughout the novel. I think that this project really shows how much Jess adores Leslie and how much of a positive impact Leslie had on Jess’s life. I think that the different slide topics—adjectives describing Leslie, lessons Leslie taught Jess, Jess’s favorite memory of Leslie, if Jess had one more day with Leslie, if Jess could give Leslie three gifts, and a poem about Leslie—allow the students to explore Leslie’s character in a more analytical way, rather then just listing Leslie’s character traits.

PowerPoint Presentation