In this online course Professor Silverman introduced

the Literature Circles to the class. Literature Circles is

an exciting reading model that allows us, the graduate

students taking the online course Language Arts and

Technology at NYIT, to have opportunities to communicate,

to discuss, to exchange opinions and to share ideas during the reading of a novel.

Professor Silverman divided our class into two groups. One group read Tuck

Everlasting (written by Natalie Babbitt ) and the other group read Bridge to

Terabithia (written by Katherine Paterson). Due dates were posted along with

the chapters. Everyone was responsible to lead one group discussion.

The discussion directors posted questions for discussion. I was assigned to

read Tuck Everlasting (by Natalie Babbitt) and to lead the Chapter 4-6 discussion.

After finishing the Literature Circles Online Discussions, we had to complete an

Extension Project .

In the Extension Project, student or students created their drawings, images

or pictures depicting the important ideas, or events in the chapters they had

discussed. The images, drawings or pictures are linked to the Literature

Circle Discussion of the chapters. Below are examples of the Depiction.


Literature Circles Online Discussion
Extension Project

By Harry Tse

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Book Review

By Harry Tse