Jesse:  Winnie, I am going far far away, can you come with me?

Winnie:  How long will it take us to come back, Jesse?

Jesse: 60 years.  So, so, I want to meet with you tonight at midnight so I can give some of that water to you .

Winnie: Remember how you told me that that water isn't good for me.  I am scared, Jesse, I can't drink it.

Jesse: Please, I'm begging you, please.

Winnie: Let me run that by my grandma's ears to see what she says, Jesse!

Jesse: Please don't get your grandma involved in this; she won't understand.

Grandma: Winnie, come inside to eat, beside it is too hot and humid outside.

Winnie: Ok Grandma, I'm coming!

Grandma: Who are you talking to outside?

Winnie: A boy, grandma!

Grandma: What's his name?

Winnie: Jesse Tuck, grandma!

Grandma: Didn't this boy's family kidnap you before?

Winnie: no, they took care of me for a while.  I had fun staying with them.

Jesse: I must go home to see my parents before I leave.  Make sure that you drink the water when you turn 17 so I can see you when I come back.