Literature Circle Extension Project


Kevin Clifford


              This project is a digital collage of the different symbols in the book to represent the themes and emotions expressed by Melinda. The first page is pink with basic pictures of trees and a doll. This page represents innocents from when she was younger and things were simple and pure. The way she was before the summer when she was raped at the party. Then the next page shows pictures of the turkey bones and the dead trees. This represents the pain and suffering she was feeling due to the rape and not being able to tell anyone about it. She expressed these feelings through artwork involving drawing dead trees and building a sculpture with the turkey bones and the dolls head. Then finally “the Beast”, Andy Evans the older student that raped her and ripped her innocents away like a savage beast. In my mind these pictures really depicted the emotions Melinda was feeling and trying to express through her artwork and her personal thoughts.

            I truly believe that this was a excellent extension project and use of multimedia in education.  The pictures and themes where right on and really gave a visual perspective of what she was feeling in the book. It also showed how I interpreted the emotions and symbols of the reading.