Professor Susan Silverman

Extension project Tuck Everlasting

Layla Haraj 



When I first came to do the extension project, I couldn’t make up my mind how I will express my opinion about this novel. Should I choose collage but I didn’t even know what collage means, or I should do the CD cover? Then I decided to do both since I had no experience and knowledge how does them. I had to do an extensive search on the Internet to collect all the information that I needed.

First I started with collage. I used power point program to design this collage.

 I tried to include most of the important events and the scenes that I liked in this novel. In the beginning it was very hard to include all of the important events and some of the details but finally I chose few pictures and symbols to finish the job. All the pictures and images on this collage are linked to its web-site.

Description of the collage:

-          I chose the back ground of the collage to be the woods since the story began in the woods. Most of the events happened there too.

-          In the middle of the collage I used the image of an old but young looking tree. This tree is the symbol of the life in the woods and it was the hidden place for the magic water. This tree represents the backbone of the whole novel. The tuck’s engraved some writing on the tree when they first drank the water. I had to include that in my collage. They wouldn’t know the tree without these engraved letters that they left to identify it.

-          The next important event is the love between Winnie and Jesse. This love is represented by the heart and the two angles with their arrows that hit their targets which are Jesse and Winnie’s hearts. Even though they didn’t end up together the love remain in their hearts. 

-          The musical box indicates Mae’s memories from her past. This box is very important and valuable to her. The music that came from that box is the one event that started all the tragedy in the story.

-          On the bottom of the old tree there is the image of Winnie watching Jesse drinking the magic water. This was the first time they meet. I think that is when they fall in love with each other.

-          I used the image of the immortality of Nelson to represent the immortality that the Tuck’s family got from drinking the water. They both were wondering of the meaning of life and what will happen to the soul after death. Nelson he had found the truth by his death but tuck’s family will never find out because of their immortality before death.

-          The boat in the water represents the two times Winnie sailed in the lake. Once with Tuck to explain to her the importance of hiding the truth about the water in the woods. Second, the small fishing trip that she took with Miles in the lake.

-          The picture of all the hands reaching shows that all people will want to drink from that water. Also represent the greed of human race if they know of such thing exist.

-          The cartoon of the hours and the thief and next to it the man with yellow suit, tell that the man had to steal the hours to go back to Winnies family to bargain with them in order to get the woods.

-          The dog and the toad were Winnie’s best friends. Winnie had to give the water to the toad to save him from the hot day. Next to it is the image of an empty bottle. She probably didn’t believe in the magic of this water or she thought that she can get it any time she wants from the woods. Why didn’t she try to obtain more from the woods when she became seventeen?

-          Mae in jail is all the way at the upper right corner of the collage. She seems shocked and sad in the same time because she didn’t really wanted to kill the man with the yellow suit. She would want it to end peacefully if he just listened to them and released Winnies.

-          The last image which is the greatest in this story. This was the end for the tree, woods, the magic water, Winnie’s immortality, and the end of the. The lightening hitting the tree. The tree was destroyed so is Jesse’s dream of living with his love for ever.


This is a beautiful with low fantasy story. Students at middle school level would enjoy this book. It would challenge their thinking to examine the idea of living forever, making serious decisions, and dealing with the consequence of their decisions. This story might lead them to compare between the immortality in this book and the people who decide to freeze their bodies in our era. Frozen bodies it is kind of immortality in my opinion. What do you think? Is this only the beginning of our immortality in this world? 

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Description of the CD cover: 


I liked the idea of the CD cover to advertise for this book. Most people from students to adults are very into music, writing songs, and poetry. There are many events and sentimental emotions in this story that I would like to represent as poems or songs. I used Publisher to create this cover. I am not a poet but I spent a lot of time looking and researching for the right poems for this project. I chose few pictures from the collage above to show the most of the feelings and emotion in this book from love, greed, family unity, immortality (eternal life), memories, disaster, to loneliness. These images accompanied with poems that I picked from different web-sites. The last part of the cover I used the collage that I created before which I am not describing here to show most of the events in this book. 

  1. Love:

This story shows many types of love, love between Winnie and Jesse, love of the family, and love of nature. Love surrounds us we just have to look closely and feel it from a family, friends, pets, and our God.


  1. Immortal:

Is there life after death? Would you like to live forever? Do you think deep-frozen bodies are the beginning of human immortality? All these questions go round and round in our minds about immortality. What is immortality? Immortality is the concept of existing for indeterminate length of time. Humans always had the desire to live forever. I would like to be immortal too but the type that we don’t age. Aging will be stopped and we will be young all our life but at what age it will stop? Death will still exist but through accidents not through aging or sickness. Wouldn’t you like that too?

  1. Greed:

 The man with the yellow suit was greedy and cruel. He tried to take something not belong to him and I think he deserve the consequences that he got which is death (the opposite of immortality). Greed may be considered a sin but it is also part of human emotion system. Almost everyone what it’s like to see what others have and want it for themselves? I think we all have some greed in us up to certain point as long as it doesn’t harm, affect, or destroy others. But the man in the yellow suit wanted to play God on others.

  1. Memories:

 “The things of the past are never viewed in their true perspective or receive their just values but value and perspective change with the individual or the notion that is looking back on its past” (by: Friedrich Nietzcche)

The jewelry box has sentimental memories on Mae. She loved it as she loved the      music that came from it. We all have something that reminds us about good and bad times. It is part of human being race.

  1. Family:

We can see clearly the bonds in the Tuck’s family. They became even closer when they learned about their immortality. We all can feel the love and respect to each other. I think every family should be like the Tucks. We have to band to each other even if there is no secret to keep like the Tucks. Family is the first school for all children and it is the basic of any community.


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