Karen McPhillips
October 25, 2005
Mid-Term Extension Project
The Giver

For our mid-term project I decided to do a power point presentation. After reading the book, I was thinking about what I would like to have students do after reading the book. I thought about how important the characters were to the story, and decided to do a character study on the main characters.

For the character study, students will have to write a summary of each character, make an acrostic poem about the character using adjectives to describe the person, get a picture from clip art that describes the person, and find a quote in the book from that person. They then have to make a power point presentation using all of those parts.

I feel that if the students can do this, then they have a true understanding of the characters and the parts they played in the book. They also have to make a title page, table of contents page, and a key facts page.

When it came time to find the quotes, I found myself re-reading the book. I enjoyed it the first time, and found it even harder to put down the second time. I think that my students would feel the same way. They love being on the computer, so this would be a lot of fun for them.

Resources: Power Point The book The Giver Clip Art from Microsoft

I feel that my project is an expert project. It clearly communicates the meaning of the book. Itís well organized and visually appealing, creative and artistic. It pays thorough attention to details in the book. It also convincingly draws the audience into the book.

I think that there are many strengths to this project. Students have an assigned task, but are left enough room for individuality. They really have to understand and almost re-read the book to get the quotes. I also think that the final project would draw studentís interests and make them want to read the book. I would definitely use this lesson with my students in the future. I think they would learn a lot while having fun!