Thomas Scardino
Language Arts and Technology
Mid Term Book Extension Project

As I reflected on The Outsiders I thought about how hard it must be for someone like the character Ponyboy to break out of the social caste that he is trapped in. Here he is, as a teen, doing well in school, potentially college bound, with the opportunity to achieve success in life. Unfortunately, the influences of his inner-city gang style environment hold him back from his true potential.

These thoughts inspired me to put this graphic together. In the book Ponyboy’s ability to run was mentioned a few times, so that gave me the idea to incorporate a runner into the graphic. The horizontal parachute represents drag and resistance, and the labels on the parachute exemplify an environment that prevents people from moving forward.

            Working on this graphic gave me a better understanding of the text because I needed to think more about what I read as I was gathering the label that I put on the parachute.


My source for the pictures- Microsoft clipart

Graphic was created in the Microsoft Windows Paint Program    


 Self Evaluation Rubric


Project partially communicates meaning of book (apprentice) Although my project related to one specific theme, there were other messages in the book that my project did not address, like loyalty and closeness of family.


Project is well organized (expert)


Project is visually creative and artistic (expert)


Project displayed a thorough attention to details (expert)


Project convincingly draws audience to the book (expert)