Stephanie Poppiti

Extension project Tuck Everlasting



“Tuck Everlasting”, is an excellent novel for young and adult readers.  It is a fairy tale sort of novel.  It makes you believe and dream, similar to the character of Winnie Foster.  I really enjoyed reading this novel and highly recommend it.  The literature circles were a great way for in depth discussions.  The extension project really gave me a deeper understanding of the novel and a way to be creative.


I decided to choose a CD cover for the extension project.  Children today are very into music and would enjoy a project like this.  I wanted to see if it was as fun as I thought.  I was absolutely right.  In doing the project it was difficult to bring the entire novel together and include all the scenes portrayed in the novel.


The front CD cover focuses on a young couple, Jesse and Winnie.  They are holding hands and falling in love with one another.  I chose yellow as a background color.  Yellow is my favorite color and I feel a very happy color.  I believe Winnie Foster and Jesse Tuck were very happy in the time they spent together.  On the front CD cover Jesse is pointing to the spring.  He is showing Winnie where the spring is and doing it in a hurry.  He is explaining that the spring is immortal and that is why he looks only seventeen.  On the tree is a carving, so the Tucks remember where the spring is.  The title “Everlasting”, signifies the Tucks living forever and the hopes of Winnie becoming immortal.  The trees represent the forest.  The hearts represent Winnie and Jesse’s love and the Tucks love for one another.  The front CD cover also features the two hits, “Don’t Drink the Water” and “Immortal”(the song I wrote).


The back CD cover focuses on many scenes in the novel, “Tuck Everlasting”.  The forest is represented and is abundant in trees and grass.  There is also the Tucks horse in between the trees.  There is a waterfall that leads into the spring.  A heart represents Jesse and Winnie’s love.  A boat is shown which the Tucks and Winnie used to go in the water.  And last a toad on a lily pad, which Winnie made immortal.  All the songs listed on the back CD cover relate and communicates to the novel.


The song “Immortal”, I wrote talks about how Jesse wants Winnie to become immortal.  Jesse desperately wants Winnie to drink from the spring because he simply loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


I would rate my extension project as Expert (25 pts.).  I feel it is well organized and definitely draw the audience in.  This CD cover is very inviting.  There are many details in the three parts of the project, which explains the book.  I feel it is creative and fun!






CD: Everlasting

Song: “Immortal”

 By:  Stephanie Poppiti


 When she turns seventeen,

I would love to marry her,

If she only new how I felt.


To give her a drop of the spring,

now would make her immortal.


I’ve come to know her,

and I love her. 

So much to

say about her.


To live forever

would be amazing

with Winnie Foster.


I’ve come to know her,

And I love her. 

So much

 to say about her.


If she would only drink

from the spring, if she would

only drink from that spring.


Winnie dear,

your eyes sparkle and

your hair so long and



If you could only

be my wife. 

If you could only

be my wife.

If you drank from the

eternal spring.


I’ve come to know her,

and I love her. 

so much to say

about her.


Forever and ever. 

Forever and ever.