Tanya Klein

Extension Project


           The Outsiders is a wonderful novel that captures the attention of all ages.  Reading this story again brought back old memories and thoughts of when I read it for the first time.  This book has something in it for every person to relate to.   It was great to also read this book with my classes- every one of my students, regardless of their background, enjoyed this book.  I am going to continue reading this book with my classes (in future years) and incorporate literature circles and extension projects into my curriculum.

          For my extension project, I chose to do a character map in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.  PowerPoint is a great program that allows for individuality and variety when students are creating a project.  I enjoyed doing this character map because it made me go back again and reflect on what I read and what I thought.  I definitely have a deeper understanding of the characters and events in the book after completing this activity.  This activity also gives students a chance to express their individuality and focus on their strengths to compose a well rounded project.

          As a self assessment, I would rate my project in the following categories (as according to B.C., Schlick Noe, K.L., & Johnson, N.J. Literature Circles Resource Guide © 2003 Christopher-Gordon Publishers, Inc. extension project grading rubric.)






Project conveys meaning of the book










Visual Appeal





Attention to details










Overall, I would rate myself an expert with this project.  However, I could have done more to make the project more visually appealing and “fun” to participate in.  I did pay attention to details by making sure I was very focused on each character and included important details and traits.  It was very organized according to the character’s role in the novel.