Dana Zumpano
Literature Extension Project
The Skin Iím In By Sharon G. Flake


The book, The Skin Iím In, portrays many themes. The one theme that I felt connected to was impressions. In Chapter 4, Miss Saunders asks the question, ď What does your face say to the world?Ē This question makes each of the students think about their self image and otherís perceptions of us. Your self image controls a big part of your life. The way you look at yourself will lead the way others look at you. Maleeka had a poor self image in the beginning of the book. Thatís why others perceived her as weak. But, deep inside she had the strength to believe in her self. She needed to see that her face portrayed beauty, strength, courage, and intelligence. Once, Maleeka saw her self as important she was able to stick up for herself. I picked a self portrait as my extension project. I used several pictures of myself from different points through the last year. It took some time to figure out and reflect what I thought my face says to the world. But, I knew deep in my heart how I felt about myself. I picked the adjectives that I believed portrayed what I felt others saw my face as.

Power Point Presentation