Harriet Sohn
Professor: Susan Silverman
Summer 2006
 EDLA-615-FTU1 L.A. & Tech

Extension Project Mid Term Assignment

Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan PowerPoint and Reflection

Esperanza Ortega lived in Aquascalientes, Mexico. She lived with her family in a prominent ranch called El Rancho del las Rosas. Her mother, father and grandmother lived together along with servants and workers. Her life is suddenly shattered when her father is killed and she is left with her mother and grandmother. Their lives are drastically changed when they are told that they cannot stay at the ranch unless her mother marries one of her uncles. They then are smuggled out of Mexico and they head to California.

Esperanza faces challenges throughout the book and learns that life is not only about possessions but about caring and helping family and friends. Esperanza discoveries poverty first hand as a child and matures as the book continues. Esperanza is resentful at first but soon discovers that she has no choice but to do as the others in the camp where they are living. She makes new friends and learns how to survive while working hard. She takes care of her mother when her mother gets sick. She is grateful for her mother’s recovery and for food on the table. She realizes that she is lucky that she and her family and friends have survived.


Literature Circle Response Self Evaluation

Describe the process you went through as you created your project:

I thought about all of the series of events that happened in Esperanza’s life and tried to focus on the most important facts. It was difficult to extract some of the facts especially since there are so many. I also did not want to summarize the whole book in the process.

In what way does your project reflect an important part of the book?

My project reflects the most important part of the book which emphasizes the drastic change in someone’s life. The importance is a young child going from an affluent lifestyle to escaping into a world of poverty.

How does this project show what you have learned from the book?

My PowerPoint shows the evolution of a new life and pictures of sadness. It also shows the colors of despair and pain.

When someone views your project, what will they learn about your book?

Someone who views my project will learn life can change at any moment. Nothing is forever. What someone may have today, they may not have tomorrow. You must go with whatever path life leads. You can try to alter that path but sometimes it is difficult to succeed.