Extension Project – Esperanza Rising

Significance of Images


Life Before her Father’s Death and Her Move to Mexico

*Roses – Her father planted these roses when she was a young girl.

*Train – This is the method of transportation used by her family when they moved from Mexico to the United States.

*Grapes – Represents the source of her family’s income.

*Ranch – This picture symbolizes her family’s wealth and status prior to her father’s death.


Life After her Move to the United States

*Migrant Workers – Esperanza becomes part of the migrant population.

*Esperanza (upper right hand corner of collage) – This is an picture of the Author’s grandmother

*Living Conditions – Before her father’s death Esperanza had her own room but privacy is a luxury for the migrant worker. 

*Female Migrant Worker – Symbolizes the strength of Esperanza’s mother who went from a position of privilege to one of poverty.

*Roses – The roses that Esperanza’s father planted in Mexico, which made their way to the United States.

*Valley Fever – Esperanza’s mother was diagnosed with Valley Fever, she was quite ill but she survived her bout with the disease.  This image depicts the prevalence of the disease.




Source of Images














Literature Circle Response Self-Evaluation


Describe the process that you went through as you created your project

I had difficulty deciding on a project because I loathe Language Arts.  When I was growing up the only subject that I disliked more than Language Arts was Spanish.  I am surprised that the subject continues to evoke strong negative feelings.  After really thinking about the type of project, I realized that the type of presentation did not matter because the assignment needed to be completed.  During the decision (or rather indecision) making process, I thought about the book and reread sections of the book.  The way that catastrophic events change the course of Esperanza’s life resonated with me.  I related to the effect that death and illness of a loved one had on Esperanza’s life. 


In what ways does your project reflect an important part of the book?

The project uses pictures to depict significant events and items in her life.  The collage displays the some of the ways that her life changed after her father’s death and her move to the United States.  Esperanza experiences, including her fall into poverty, give her a unique perspective on the world.  Rather than let her physical circumstances consume her existence she rises above her circumstances and learns the value of friendship, love, and humility. 

When someone views your project, what will they learn about your book?

They will learn that the major character in the book experiences great changes during the course of her young life.  They will see the contrast between her life prior to her father’s death and her life after her father’s death.  The will also see a visual representation of those things that are constant and/or help to give Esperanza a connection to her past, especially a connection to her father.