The Skin Iím In


Sharon G Flake



A touching story that chronicles the ups and downs of Maleeka Madison a dark skinned middle school girl that struggles with home made clothes and with friend like her who needs enemies.


Miss Saunderís Classroom


When Maleeka meets Miss Saunders she realizes there is something different that sets her apart from the rest of her teachers.  Little does she know how influential Miss Saunders will be in Maleekaís life.



  Mommaís Bedroom


Maleeka looks through a shoebox of items that belonged to her father.  This is one of the first time she is allowed to look through her fatherís belonging.  She find some writing from her father and this encourages her to purse her own love of written word.


The Stage


Maleeka overhears a conversation between Miss Saunders and Tai.  Maleeka keeps a promise she makes to Miss Saunders to never repeat the conversation to another student.  Maleeka begins to see her teacher as a person she can look up to.



Setting Described by Lucas Cittadino

Illustrations provided from


The Street outside the corner store


Maleeka is walking with John John when three boys attack him and then turn on her when she comes to his aide with a branch from a nearby tree.  Caleb comes to the rescue before the boys hurt her.

  Miss Saunder's Classroom

 After being caught for vandalizing Miss Saunders classroom Maleeka takes full responsibility. 

The day she returns to school after her suspension she confronts Char in Miss Saunders classroom.  This is her opportunity to stop allowing Char from taking advantage of her and treating her so meanly.  She tells Miss Saunders the truth and through the tears she manages to stand up Char and proclaim ďIím black, real black, and if you donít like me well too bad Ďcause black is the skin Iím in!Ē..

Self Evaluation