Literature Circle Extension Project

By Candice Aulogia

Prof. Susan Silverman



       In creating this extension project, it took me a while to figure out exactly how I was going to do this.  But after seeing examples of other ideas, I decided that the best way to go about doing this project was by using some art and a bit of my own words.  So I decided to choose to do a character bookmark.  I chose to do a bookmark of Willie.  Once I knew what I wanted to put on the bookmark, actually implementing the design using the computer was difficult for me.  Iím not too savvy when it comes to making things look pretty with all the bells and whistles.

       In creating this project, I decided to put a drawing of a boy (similar to Willie) on the front, along with the title and the author of the book.  On the back I wrote about Willie:  his description, why he is important in the book, and how I compared to him.  Trying to compress all your thoughts and ideas onto one side of a bookmark was also challenging.

*pdf document

For my self-assessment, I chose to adapt a rubric found at the website:

Response Project Rubric

Novice (1)

Apprentice (2)

Practitioner (3)

Expert (4)


Project does not convey meaning of book

Project partially communicates meaning of book

Project adequately communicates meaning of book

Project clearly communicates meaning of book


No organization is evident

Lacks communication

Generally organized

Well organized


No text to support and explain the character

Text somewhat explains the character

Text explains and supports the character

Text thoroughly explains and supports the character


Visuals do not support text

Visuals somewhat support text

Visuals support most of the text

Visuals enhance, support and assist to explain text


Lacks appeal

Some visual appeal

Visually appealing to audience

Visually creative and artistic


Total Score: 16/20