Nicole Benjou

EDLA 615

Literature Circles Extension

Professor Susan Silverman

October 31, 2006

The ABC’s of Milkweed PowerPoint


As I began to think about this project, I was lost.  I had no direction because I was unsure of what was expected of me.  I read through the syllabus a couple times, checked the assignments page of Blackboard, and basically kept reading the assignment over and over again.  This did not help because I was still unsure of myself.  I had some passing ideas, like creating a webpage using Microsoft FrontPage, but nothing stuck.  I was feeling really down on myself because I am usually better and more creative when it comes to projects like this.  At this point, I decided to give myself a day to get my mind off the project and focus on some other things. 

            The next day, I went to the Discussion Board on Blackboard to see if anyone else was having as difficult a time as me.  Then I saw a post in the ‘Questions for Susan’ section titled Midterm.  My hopes began to rise as I read through this thread and the corresponding responses.  As I clicked on each helpful link, my ideas began to grow.  It was at this time when I decided to create an ABC book.  The example of the ABC book I saw online really caught my attention and I thought it was such a clever idea. 

            When the time came for me to start thinking of characters, themes, symbols, and objects for each letter of the alphabet I began to worry that all the letters of the alphabet would not be accounted for.  At the same time I was getting excited because I thought of this as a challenge – a treasure hunt for ideas.  I struggled with a few, but this struggle forced me to read (skim) through the entire book a second time.  This did not bother me because I enjoyed reading the book the first time.  Finally, when it was time to put the project together I had so many different ideas for each letter that it was hard to choose the ‘right’ one.

            Overall, I really enjoyed this project because it was something different, something I had never done before.  I am used to writing papers, creating PowerPoint projects, and reflecting on my work, but this midterm project encompassed all three and made it enjoyable.  This type of project puts on a whole new meaning to the dreaded book report and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues.


For my self-assessment, I chose to adapt the Response Project Rubric found at the website,

Response Project Rubric

Novice (1)

Apprentice (2)

Practitioner (3)

Expert (4)


Project does not convey meaning of book

Project partially communicates meaning of book

Project adequately communicates meaning of book

Project clearly communicates meaning of book


No organization evident

Lacks organization

Generally organized

Well organized


No information from or about the story is included

Some information from or about the story is included

The information provided supports the story

Information thoroughly explains and supports the story


Visuals do not support text

Visuals somewhat support text

Visuals support most of the text

Visuals enhance, support and assist to explain text


Lacks appeal

Some visual appeal

Visually appealing to audience

Visually creative and artistic


 Total Score: 20/20