New York

Q1:Who is holding the gun?
A1:The man holding the gun was John Wilks Booth.
Q2: How did this event affect the period of Reconstruction?
 A2: This affected the period of the Reconstruction by Lincoln was the President of the United States and was just killed. Also, Lincoln played a major part in the Reconstruction.
 Q3: How many people in the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Johnson?
 A3: 126 people in the House of the Representatives voted to impeach President Johnson.
Q4: Why was President Johnson impeached?
 A4: President Johnson was being impeached because he had committed high crimes and misdemeanors.
 Q5:What is Barry Taylor's opinion of the union?
A5:Barry Taylor's opinion of the union was that he did not like it at all. He did not believe in freedom and hated all the things that represent the union.
Q6:What changes were taking place in the south that Barry Taylor did not like?
 A6: In the south the changes that were taking place he did not like. The changes that he did not like were that the North had the uniforms of blue.  So the changes that north got after the war such as no slavery he disagreed with them.