Here are some questions to help you get started.  Feel free to use or revise them.  We're sure you can create your own thought provoking questions. 
  • In what year do you think this photograph was taken?
  • What objects can be observed in this picture?
  • What objects are similar to objects we use today? 
  • How have the people from this civilization changed their physical environment?    
  • Compare your life with the life of the person depicted in the photograph.
  • What event is depicted in the document?
  • Who is portrayed in the document?
  • What is the artist's opinion depicted in the document?
  • What symbols are shown in the cartoon?  What do they mean?
  • Do you agree with the opinion expressed in the cartoon?  Why or why not?
  • Write a newspaper caption to go with this photograph.
  • Why do you think this document was created?
  • What is the central theme?

There are many places to find historical documents.  Please be aware of copyright laws.  Feel free to use this permission template.  Here is another link about copyright.  We listed some web sites that might have just what you're looking for.  Half the fun is in the search!

Professional Cartoonists  Ask permission from the artist. 

The History of Costume  No permission is required.

Online Maps  No permission is required.

Photographs of the Great Depression  Free to use and enjoy!

The Authentic History Center  Created for your use by a history teacher!

US National Archives  A treasure chest for you to use!

American Civil War Collections  Help yourself!

American Memory A gold mine!

Primary Documents Links Page  Be sure to check out the documents for specific grade levels.

Pics 4 Learning This is a wonderful copyright-friendly site for you to use.

AP European History You'll find many links to primary source documents.

The American Civil War Homepage  Don't miss this one!

The New York Public Library Picture Collection 30,000 images for you to use for free!

History Link  Check out the royalty free images on Ancient Egypt

Corbis  Use their Royalty Free Search search.

Slavery Images  There are hundreds of images provided for educational purposes.

* Note from coordinators: Please encourage your friends, classmates, teachers,  family members and neighbors to answer our questions.