Guardian's Egypt - Copyright 1995-2002 Andrew Bayuk

Why were gods and goddesses pictured as part human and part animals?

Which Egyptian gods and goddesses are shown in the picture?

Click HERE for Egyptian funerals

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Mrs. Goldmann's  Sixth Grade Class-Section 611
Louis Pasteur Middle School
Little Neck, New York

Technology Standards
Students are proficient in the use of technology.
Students develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity. Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models, preparing publications, and producing other creative works.
Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

Social Studies Standards
Students understand the development of diverse civilizations, cultures, and religions.
Students collect and interpret information found in primary and secondary source documents.
Students make connections between sources of information and ideas. Students ask questions to further investigate the investigation of topics. Students evaluate information found in documents.

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