Age: 12


Q1: In this photograph, why might the Native Americans be using a train for transportation?
A1: They might use it to transport themselves to reservations.

Q2: How does this photograph show the change of the Native Americans’ lives and their assimilation into white culture?
 A2: The way they dress that they have white pants and American style hats.

Q3: How did the expansion of the railroad in the West cause a boom in industry in the East?
 A3: The raw materials and cattles were transported from the West to the East.

Q4: How did this particular railroad, which runs through Arizona, open up the West to settlement and exploration?
 A4: The settlers would not have to worry about traveling through the desert which was a difficult journey. With the railroad system, it provided a convenient way to travel.

Q5: How did towns in the west prosper from mining?
 A5: Gold and silver attracted settlers hoping to gain wealth also other businesses were set up to serve them.

 Q6: How did mining in the West grow as a business, from gold prospectors to large companies?
 A6: Since finding valuable minerals were not always guaranteed, the settlers turned to other businesses such as lumbering, boarding, cooking, cattle ranching, etc.