Nicole and Rudy
Ages: 11 and 13
Pt. Jeff. Sta., NY
Q1: What items are the Spaniards hoping to obtain from the Native Americans?
 A1: The Spaniards hoped to obtain luxury items from the Native Americans.

Q2: What is the authorís opinion of De Soto and his group?
A2: De Soto was disappointed because the natives didn't have great collections of (useless) gold or European luxuries, but seemed overly concerned with real wealth, such as food, necessities and art.

 Q3: How many groups of people can you identify in this picture?
A3: three

Q4: How would you describe the European treatment of Native Americans?
 A4: They treated the Native Americans poorly

Age: 13
Pt. Jeff. Sta., NY

Q1: How did Christopher Columbus address the Queen and King of Spain?
 A1: Most High and Mighty Sovereigns

Q2: According to this document, find one way that Columbus wanted to change the lives of Native Americans.
 A2: cristopher columbus wanted to build towns and churches.

Q3: In this journal entry Columbus described the environment. List three things that he described.
 A3:These people are similar to those of the islands just mentioned, and have the same language and customs. I saw many trees, very dissimilar to those of our country, and many of them had branches of different sorts upon the same trunk; and such a diversity was among them that it was the greatest wonder in the world to behold. Thus, for instance, one branch of a tree bore leaves like those of a cane, another branch of the same tree, leaves similar to those of the lentisk. In this manner a single tree bears five or six different kinds.
Here are also whales. Beasts, we saw none, nor any creatures on land save parrots and lizards, but a boy told me he saw a large snake. No sheep nor goats were seen, and although our stay here has been short, it being now noon, yet were there any, I could hardly have failed of seeing them.