Age: 13
United States
Q1: What is the purpose of this document?
 A1: It declared that we were going t bomb Japan, and it gave us the permission to.

Q2: How would the world be different today if this order had not been given?
A2: Japan and the Germans and the Nazis may have taken over the world, discriminating everyone but themselves.

Q3: Describe what you see in this picture.
 A3: A huge mushroom cloud out of no where (obviously a bomb) destroying many things, such as the land and the people on it.

Q4: What do you think this land was used for before this picture was taken, and why?
A4: Farming, because it's flat and big, like farm land should be.

 Q5: What is happening in this political cartoon?
 A5: The nuclear factory is being secretly covered up, to convince people that they don't have any nuclear weapons, but it is obvious that they do. They lied such as Iraq did to us.

Q6: How should the United States handle the current situation in Iraq?
 A6: Do whatever they want. They're in charge, not us.