Nokia 8310 Rosso

Telefono Cellulare Nokia 8310 Rosso, Wap, GPRS, Dual band, Radio FM integrata - cod. 46128

Prezzo Listino:  379,00 Euro    

Prezzo CHL:  349,00 Euro

DisponibilitÓ: No [Quando arriva?]

Garanzia: 24 mesi

Tutti i prezzi sono IVA compresa.



Answers these questions in Italian.

 What percent is this phone discounted?

Who might need to use this phone?  Explain your answer.


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Submitted by:
Ms. Quinn's  Eight Grade Italian Class
JFK Middle School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

National Educational Technology Standard:
Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity and promote learning.
 Concepts/Skills: Interpreting, inferring, analyzing, synthesizing