Mrs. Ficarrotta's Second Grade Class
Clear Stream Avenue School
Valley Stream, New York
Seven Blind Mice

Mrs. Ficarrotta�s second grade class read the story Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young. We put our heads together and recreated the story of Seven Blind Mice. Our version is called Five Blind Mice. We learned a very important lesson and we came up with a meaningful moral. The children used the AppleWorks 6 painting and word processing application to create their illustrations and writing.

Five Blind Mice

One day five blind mice were surprised to find something strange in their home. �What is it?� they cried.

On Monday, the red mouse went to find out. He felt the object from top to bottom. �It�s a tree,� he said. The other mice did not believe him.

tree with green leaves

On Tuesday, the blue mouse went to find out. He climbed near the top of the object. �It�s a spear!� he cried. The other mice were not so sure.

    spear looking object

On Wednesday, the green mouse set out. He felt the object move! �It�s a swing,� he yelled. The other mice wanted to find out for sure.  

playground swing

On Thursday, the yellow mouse tried. He heard a noise, tick, tock, tick, tick. �It�s a lady walking in high heel shoes!� he said.

yellow mouse by pink shoew

By Friday, the mice were so confused. The white mouse said she wanted a turn to find out. When the white mouse got there, she searched side to side, up and down, back and forth. She felt, she listened, and she thought really hard. When the white mouse came back, she said �It�s not a tree, it�s not a spear, it�s not a swing and it�s not a lady walking.� Your clues were good, but there is a reason why you could not figure out the mystery! If you put all the clues together, you will see that the something strange in their home was a___________________.




brown clock

The moral of our story is: A single clue will not solve the whole mystery.

A Clock!


New Your State Standards

English Language Arts-
Standard 1- Students will read, write, listen and speak for information and understanding.
Standard 2- Students will read, write, listen and speak for literacy response and expression.
Standard 4- Students will read, write, listen and speak for social interaction.

Technology Benchmarks-
Standard 4- The student is an effective communicator through a variety of appropriate technologies/ media.

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