Mrs. Alexander's Second Grade Class
 Isle of Hope Elementary School
Savannah, Georgia
Mice and Beans

We participated in a collaborative Internet project called Mouse Tales. Since second grade studies Spanish weekly with Senora Kolodny, we thought the book Mice and Beans, by Pam Munoz Ryan (author) and Joe Cepeda (illustrator) would be perfect for the project. We used the MicroSoft Paint program to illustrate our pictures. We created captions for each story, using the Spanish words for the day of the week and the item each child was to "bring" to our "party".

Hidden in each picture are one, two or three mice, just like the mice were hiding in Rosa Maria's house. Look carefully! Can you find all the mice? Certainly in our pictures, "When there's room in the heart, there's room in the house, even for a mouse"!

On lunes, I bought a saltar el castillo. (jumping castle)

On domingo, I made some hamburguesas de queso. (cheese burgers)

On sabado, I bought a pizza for the party. (pizza)

On lunes, I bought some el helado for the party. (ice cream)

On miercales, I bought some perros calientes for the party. (hot dogs)

Georgia Performance Standards

Writing ELA2W m.Uses nouns (singular, plural, and possessive) correctly. n.Uses singular possessive pronouns. o.Uses singular and plural personal pronouns. r.Uses appropriate capitalization and punctuation (periods and question and exclamation marks) at the end of sentences (declarative and interrogative and exclamatory/simple and compound). t.Uses a variety of resources (encyclopedia, the Internet, and books) to research and share information on a topic uses the dictionary and thesaurus to support word choices

Writing ELA2LSV1b.Begins to use oral language for different purposes:to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. c.Uses increasingly complex language patterns and sentence structure when communicating. d.Listens to and views a variety of media to acquire information e.Increases vocabulary to reflect a growing range of interests and knowledge.

Comprehension ELA2R4a.Reads a variety of texts for information and pleasure.

Vocabulary ELA2R3a.Reads a variety of texts and uses new words in oral and written language.

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