Mrs. Conlon's Kindergarten Class
Riddle School
Mattoon, Illinois
Mouse Mess

Mrs. Conlon�s  class read Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley. In the story the mouse gets up when everyone else goes to bed and makes a mess in the kitchen. Each student took home a digital camera to take a picture of something in their kitchen that they thought the mouse would make a mess eating. Pictures were inserted into Kid Pix and students drew a mouse getting into the food. Students dictated a sentence to go along with their picture.

mouse on a table with donuts


mouse on a table with m&m's

   mouse on a table with milk and oreo cookies

Illinois Standards:

State Goal 1: Read with understanding and fluency.
1.C.1e Identify how authors and illustrators express their ideas in text and graphics
State Goal 2: Read and understand literature representative of various societies, eras and ideas.
2.B.1a Respond to literary materials by connecting them to their own experience and communicate those responses to others.
State Goal 3: Write to communicate for a variety of purposes.
3.C.1b Create media compositions or productions which convey meaning visually for a variety of purposes.

�  Susan Silverman2006