Mrs. Dukic�s Library Club
Kowloon Junior School
Year 3
Hong Kong
Doctor De Soto


We read the story Doctor De Soto by William Steig. Children enjoyed the story, especially the funny ending when Doctor De Soto tricked the Fox by putting the glue on his teeth. We all loved the beautiful illustrations. Children discussed the story and they all agreed that Doctor De Soto was very brave and generous when he accepted to treat the Fox. He was also very smart and at the end of the story he tricked the sly Fox and saved his wife�s and his own life.

After reading and discussing the story we decided to learn more about animals in the story, mice and foxes, about food chains and about teeth. For these purposes a web-based research project was created and designed as a web. Children chose their working partners and worked on various topics by searching resources on the Internet. At the end they presented their research findings by using Kisdpiration and PowerPoint. Children also designed the main characters in the story by applying collage technique.

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Learning criteria

 The school is the part of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), the largest international education foundation in Asia. It provides education in the region for students from all nations who can be educated in English. The vast majority of students are Asians (mostly Chinese).

The curriculum in the ESF encompasses the National Curriculum (England and Wales), which has been modified for international students in Hong Kong.

The Library Club is an extracurricular activity run by a School Librarian, once a week for 1 hour after school. Members of the Library Club are children in Grad 3 (7 years old).

Main goals:

  • to stimulate recreational reading
  • to improve children�s reading comprehension
  • to help children become familiar with the use of the Internet and other  information and communication technologies
  • to increase children�s motivation and self-esteem by publishing their work on the School Library web

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