Mrs. Godsey's Second Grade Class
Maize Elementary School
Columbus, Ohio
If you Give a Mouse a Cookie


We read If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. The students then used PowerPoint to create their own versions of this tale. They used PowerPoint to write the stories and clipart to illustrate them. I have included two of the best stories to be part of Mouse Tails. We hope you enjoy them!

Story One

Story Two

NETS Standards:
 � Demonstrate operation of basic computer multimedia technology tools.
 � Explore how information can be published and presented in different formats.
 � Use production tools to produce creative works.

Language Arts Standards:
� Write stories that convey a clear message, include details, use vivid language and move through a logical sequence of steps and events.
 � Organize writing to include a beginning, middle and end.
 � Compare and contrast different versions of the same story.
� Describe characters and setting.
� Retell plot of a story.

�  Susan Silverman2006