Mrs. Hicks's Second Grade Class
Blanchard Elementary
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Mouse Tales

Our class read the story, �Mouse Tales.� We�ve talked a lot about homophones, so we did a take off and wrote stories about �Mouse Tails.� The goal of our project was two-fold, one was to practice writing an interesting 5 sentence paragraph, an important writing skill for second grade in our district. The other goal was typing with the correct hands and learning how to import graphics into our writing. We had a great time! We hope you enjoy our stories. Check all of them out at our Mouse Tails page. Here are a couple samples of our writing.

Mouse Tail

The mice in the picture are sitting next to each other in. They try to get up but they cannot because their tails are tangled up to each others tails. The mice are trying to get their tails untangled but they can t so they�re going to go and try to get help. Finally they got their tails untangled and then they went to the park and played with each other.

By # 16

    Mouse Tails

The mouse is a king. The king mouse is getting ready to marry a queen mouse. This story is about a king and his wiggly tail. This king mouse is a great one. I can tell he�s a good king.

 By #5


�  Susan Silverman2006