Miss Huling's First Grade Class
Donaldson Elementary School
Oakdale, Pennsylvania
Outside and Inside Rats and Mice

During January and February of 2006, our class participated in this project.  The students learned about mice from the book, Outside and Inside Rats and Mice by Sandra Markle. Then our class listened to various fiction books about mice. The Beverly Cleary trilogy of �Ralph S. Mouse� books was our read loud books for the unit. The students then imagined having a mouse of their own. The students wrote sentences about their own mouse, using a story framework. At the following computer lab class they typed their stories on MS Word, printing a copy for me and for them. During the next computer lab times the students created their mouse pictures with Kid Pix 4.

Here is our PowerPoint presentation.  Please visit our web site to view the rest of our work.

PA Standards

Language Arts
1.1 Learning to Read Independently
1.3 Types of Writing
1.6 Speaking and Listening

Science and Technology
3.6 Technology Education
3.7 Technological Devices
3.8 Science, Technology and Human Endeavors


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