Mrs. Kielty's Second Grade Class
Clarke School
Swampscott, Massachusetts
Be My Valentine

Our Mouse Tale was Be My Valentine by M.J. Carr.

This story was about a mouse named Isadore who is trying to write a Valentine poem for his friend Athena but he just can't seem to get it right.

We decided to help old Izzy out and write some quatrain Valentine poems. After writing the poems we used KidPix4 to publish them.


What is a quatrain poem?

A poem with four lines.

Lines 2 and 4 must rhyme.

Lines 1 and 3 may or may not rhyme.

Rhyming lines should have about the same number of syllables.


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Massachusetts English Language Arts Frameworks Addressed:


Students will use agreed upon rules for informal and formal discussions in small and large groups.

Students will pose questions, listen to the ideas of others and contribute their own information or ideas in group discussions or interviews in order to acquire new knowledge.

Reading and Literature

Students will identify, analyze and apply knowledge of the theme, structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding.


Students will write with a clear focus, coherent organization and sufficient detail.

Students will demonstrate improvement in organization, content, paragraph development, level of detail, style, tone and word choice (diction) in their compositions after revising them.

Students will use knowledge of standard English conventions in their writing, revising and editing.

Students will organize ideas in writing in a way that makes sense for their purpose.

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