Welcome to  Mouse Tales, a collaborative Internet project for students in grades K-4.  The project is designed for student work to be showcased on the World Wide Web and for teachers to share some of their best practices with colleagues.

Classes will read a "mouse" book (see the suggested booklist) as a springboard for a response activity of their choice.   Participants are welcome to suggest resources.  After reading the story students will engage in language arts, math, science or social studies activities that will be showcased on this web site.

Please encourage students to use educational software in this project such as Scholastic Keys™(kid-friendly interface for Microsoft Office), Kid Pix™, Timeliner™, Kidspiration™, Inspiration™, Graph Club™ or others.

Here is an example of a writing activity that was inspired by the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  Check out some of my other online projects for more ideas.

Project Guidelines

Project Timeline:

This project begins on January 1, 2005. Materials need to be e-mailed to me by February 14, 2006 for publication.  That should be an easy date to remember.  Work will be posted by March 15, 2006 and will remain online to be used as a resource.

Project Materials:

Submit a short narrative summary of your unit of study including title and author of books selected. 

Describe what educational software you used. This way, other people will be able to replicate your project.

I will accept a maximum of 5 graphics of student work per class. All images must be jpg or gif files. I will not be posting whole class group photos.

Power Point presentations are limited to 5 slides and may be no larger than 500KB. Videos are limited to 1MB.

If you publish your own webpage at another site, you still must meet the project requirements (send narrative and images). A link to your page will be included only if you identify and link back to this project.

Learning Standards: Your activities should support the learning standards of your school district.  Please list the state standards and/or NETS that support student activities for this project.

Contact Information: Please send the following information to Susan Silverman at susan@susansilverman.com

Your name
E-mail address
School name
Phone number
Your class web site url (not required)
Class grade level

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Instructional Technology Integration Consultant

* A special thank you to my niece Dana Liu, for creating this project's splash page and graphics for the showcase page.  Dana is an eighth grader in Northport Middle School.  Her work will be counted for community service hours.

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