Ms. Williams's Second Grade Class
Shabbona Elementary School
Shabbona, Illinois
Amos and Boris

The Mouse Tales collaborative Internet Project has been a great way to enjoy some of the many mouse stories that were listed in the curriculum materials. The children read and listened to The Lion and the Mouse selections in the WEB resources *. After reading The Lion and the Mouse, I read Amos and Boris by William Steig to the children. We discussed the similarities and differences between the two stories. We also noticed the book was a wonderful example of powerful word choice. It contained the words phosphorescent and luminous to describe the ocean at night. There were so many new words to learn. For this project I wanted the children to review some of the reading responses our class has been using this year. Together as a class we completed five responses on poster size paper for the story, Amos and Boris. When the responses were completed, the class was divided into groups of 4 or 5 children. Each group worked on the computer in MS Word or Inspiration to complete their final product for one of the five responses. The reading responses were: story map, Venn diagram, cause and effect, vocabulary map and flow chart. Please click (*) HERE (*) to see our work.

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