Mrs. Templin's Multi-Age Class
LaVeta Bauer Elementary
Miamisburg, Ohio

To begin our author study of Kevin Henkes, we recently read the awesome story, Owen. Owen is the main character, a little mouse, who loves his yellow blanket, �Fuzzy�. He takes his little blanket everywhere, however, Owen�s parents need for him to give up his blanket. Eventually, after trying hard to get the blanket away from Owen, his mom makes several little handkerchiefs for Owen to use.

We created a venn diagram, comparing/contrasting Owen and his feelings about his blanket to our own favorite thing we can�t live without.

Using Kidspiration, we created a character web from a template, describing Owen�s characteristics.

Afterward, my students drew themselves as a mouse with their favorite thing, then wrote about it using Word Paint. Enjoy!

Character Map with Inspiration


Ohio Academic Standards & Indicators
Reading process: concepts of print, comprehension strategies and self-monitoring strategies.
Indicators: 5 � compare information in texts with prior knowledge and experience.
 7 � create and use graphic organizers such as Venn diagrams or webs, with teacher assistance, to demonstrate comprehension.

Writing Process
 Indicators: 4 � use organizational strategies (brainstorming, web, Venn diagrams) to plan writing.
 5 � organize writing to include a beginning, middle, and end.
7 � mimic language from literature when appropriate.
 8 � use available technology to compose text.
14 � rewrite and illustrate writing samples for display and for sharing with others.

Writing Applications
Indicators: 1 � write simple stories with a beginning, middle and end that include descriptive words and details.

Technology for Productivity
Applications Indicators:
 B � demonstrate operation of basic computer and multimedia technology tools.
 C � use productivity tools to produce creative works.

�  Susan Silverman2006