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Mrs. Krikstone's Class
Captain Isaac Paine School
Foster, Rhode Island


A is for Autumn

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Aa is for autumn, our favorite season of the year.


Bb is for black cats that come out on Halloween.


Cc is for the candy that we get when we go trick-or-treating.


Dd is for December, the last month of autumn.


Ee is for eating apples, apple pies, and applesauce.


Ff is for the frost that forms on our windows.


Gg is for ghosts and goblins that come out on Halloween.


Hh is for Halloween, a fun holiday that we celebrate in autumn.


Ii is for Indians, the first native Americans.

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Kk is for Mrs. Krikstone, our teacher.


Ll is for Mrs. Leipf, our student teacher.


Mm is for the monarchs that migrate to Mexico in autumn.


Nn is for November, another month in autumn.


Oo is for the orange leaves that we see on the trees in autumn.


Pp is for pumpkins that we will make into jack-o-lanterns and pies.


Qq is for quilts that we put on our beds.


Rr is for raking the leaves that fall off the trees.


Ss is for soccer, our favorite sport that we play in autumn.


Tt is for Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks.


Uu is for underground, where many animals hibernate.


Vv is for Veteran’s Day, when we honor those who have served our country.


Ww is for the woodstoves, that we light when the weather gets cooler.


Xx is for an extra special time of the year.


Yy is for leaves that turn yellow in autumn.


Zz is for the zippers that we zip when the weather turns cooler.


Multiage 1-2 Class Authors

Cam, Cassie, Cole, Eden, Eleanor, Emily, Emma, Hannah, Heather, Julia, Justin, Katie, Kellie, Logan, Russell, Sara, Shelby

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   S. K. Multiage Press
Captain Isaac Paine School
Foster, Rhode Island
October 1999

About Our Project

The children decided that they would like to make a class alphabet book about autumn. First, we made of list of words for each letter that related to the autumn theme. Once this had been accomplished, we voted on the one word for each letter that we would put in our book. Next, we thought of a sentence that would be appropriate for each letter of the alphabet. Then the children picked which letters they wanted to illustrate. We wish that we could display all the children’s illustrations on this page, but the file would be much too large. We are going to put the book into a PowerPoint Presentation, which you will be able to view on our class website in a few weeks. We also have our original hard copy of the book, which will be sent home to be shared with our families. Please visit us soon and take a look at all our illustrations.


Class and group discussions:

4 – student lead discussions in group; cooperated with fellow group members; contributed relevant information; demonstrated an excellent understanding of topic

3 – student participated in group discussion; cooperated with most group members; contributed relevant information; demonstrated an understanding of topic

2 – student contributed little to group; demonstrated little understanding of topic

1 – student did not participate in group or class discussions


4 – student followed directions and produced an illustration that was neat, simple and demonstrated a good understanding of the topic

3 – student produced an illustration that demonstrated a good understanding of topic, but drawing was either too small, included too many details, or was messy

2 – student produced an illustration that was unrelated to topic; drawing may also be messy, too small, and too detailed

1 – student did not complete an illustration