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Mrs. Nixon
Cartwright School
Phoenix, Arizona


Things To Do If You Are The Fall

Celebrate my birthday.
See birds fly south.
Make tamales.
See the leaves fall.
Celebrate Halloween.
Watch birds fly south.
Try on costumes for Halloween.
Play soccer.
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Celebrate your birthday.
Collect food.
Eat pumpkin pie.
Watch leaves fall.
Make tamales.
Enjoy the leaves when they fall.
Watch leaves turn colors.
Cook pies.
Play games.
Watch the birds fly south.
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Give a fright on Halloween night.
See birds fly south.
Rake leaves.
Make apple pie.
Make pumpkin pie.
Make tamales.
Make pumpkin pie.
Play in the leaves.
Watch the leaves change color.
Rake the leaves.
Michael G.
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Make tamales and apple pies.
Do very much of cleaning.
Play our fall games.
Color in my Fall books.
Play outside.
Be a birthday girl.
Cut weeds.
Make apple pie.
Go to the store for apples.
Watch t.v. and color.
Celebrate my birthday.
Enjoy apple pie.
Eat tamales, my favorite.
Play outside.
Eat apples.
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I use this poetry format often as an assessment tool for comprehension and knowledge acquisition. If a student can write 5 or more lines telling me what they would do if they were the _____________, and their ideas are realistic, then I can determine that they know the topic and understood the lessons. In this case, we brainstormed and made a word web on the board of things that had to do with autumn. Then the students had to write their poems, including ideas from the web and their own ideas, as well. We had already done poems as a class on the night and on fireflies, writing about 12-13 lines for each of those.