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Mrs. Cobb
Clinton Avenue Elementary
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Fall Recipes

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Apple Pasta
by Noelle

Apple Pasta

First take 6 apples and boil.  Add vanilla and bubble it.   Add wheat grains.  Boil for 45 minutes.

by Noelle

Apple Chips

First peel and cut and apple. Next cut a potato.  Last add some salt.  Bake in the oven 20 min. Eat!

by Natalie

Chocolate Chip Leaf Stew

100 cups chocolate chips
6 pounds leaves
1 cup of stew

by Jake

Pumpkin Jello

First get some jello and get a pumpkin.  Cut the pumpkin into pieces.  Put the pieces in the jello.  Put the pumpkin jello in the freezer for six minutes.

by Benjamin

Stew Leaves

1.  You put three cups of sauce.
2. Then you put it on the barbeque.  Then you take it out.  Then you eat it.   Then it is gone.  They like it.

by Joseph

Pumpkin Rice

First get a big pumpkin and cut it up.  Then get a bag of rice.  Get a cup of water and put the pumpkin and rice in another cup of water and mix it and cook for 10 minutes.  Tak out and eat.

by Molly

Apple Brownies

1.  You take a dish and a spoon.
2.  Then you take one brownie.
3.  Then you put the brownie on the dish.
4.  Then you put it in the oven.
5.  And when it's done I'll take it out.
6.  Then I will eat it all up.

by Alex

Leaf  Slurpee Cake

Put some leaves in a pan and add a cake mix, put a syrup in the pan.  Bake in oven 51 minutes.  Put icing on and serve.

by Connor

Apple Pudding

First you get the apples and cut them up.  Next you get the pudding.  Then you put the apples in.  Then you add milk.  Then you are done.

by Katelyn

Carrot Jello

30 pounds of carrots.  400 pound salt.  Mix and bake for 90 minutes.  Add food coloring.  Put it on a dish.  Make more.

by Jenna

Pumpkin Stew

Put pumpkin parts into the pot.  Add carrots, vanilla, chocolate syrup, apples, and apple juice.  Then cook it for 30 minutes.  Cool it and serve it with pumpkin pudding and then eat it.

by Kristen Z.

Apple Pasta

You need 15 red apples
1 cup flour
15 cups of sugar
Add 50 cups of vanilla icecream, 500 cups of sunflower seeds, mix in bowl, boil and eat

by Nick

Apple Soup

Cut up 3 apples.  Add American and Swiss cheese and water. Mix.  Put in microwave for ten minutes.  Eat

by Julian

Pumpkin Pasta

You need 100 pounds of pasta and 100 pounds of orange pumpkin.   First scoop out the inside of the orange pumpkin.  Add flour.  Take a pan and a spoon.  Add salt and pepper and crunched leaves.

by James

Pumpkin Fish

First I will take the seeds out of a pumpkin.  Then cut up the fish.  Next take out the orange stuff out of the pumpkin.  Then take the crunchy skin and finns off the fish.  Last I will put the orange pumpkin parts on the fish and put it in the oven and let it bake.  Then sit for awhile.  Serve and eat.

by Kyle

Pumpkin Salad

First peel 10 onions.  Add little pieces of pumpkin.   Add 4 pounds of orange leaves and add 11 pounds of tomatoes.  Add vinegar and oil.  Serve with french fries.

by Dominique

Maple Leave Stew

4 cups of red leaves
2 cups of yellow leaves
6 cups of orange leaves
8 cups of green leaves
10 cups of brown leaves
12 cups of gold leaves
14 cups of nuts
20 cups of butter
22 cups of sugar
24 cups of apples
10 cups of eggs
90 cups of orange juice
2 fried pumpkins
10 cups of acorns
40 cups of vanilla
100 cups of milk
7 cups of salt

Mix together, fry and knead.  It is ready to serve and eat.

by Brandon

Pumpkin Pasta

First get 90 pounds of pumpkins
1 cup of flour
vanilla ice cream
collect 20 cups of brown, red, yellow and orange leaves
5 cups of chocolate syrup
Fix it up in a pan.  Let it cook for 30 hours.  Let it cool for 2 minutes, then serve.

by Alina


We discussed the seasons of the year.  Then we brainstormed and listed "fall"words.  Since we will be working in 6 groups of four following different recipes using apples, we decided to create new recipes.   These were to include foods using products harvested in the fall.  My assessment included;
1. use of fall products
2. use of creativity and imagination
3. penmanship
4. spelling correctly after proofreading with teacher

We hope you enjoy our recipes!