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Mrs. Nash
Cumberland Elementary School
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin




Turkey is good to eat!
Having fun.
Apple pie is a,
Nice food to eat.
Kitchen smells like turkey.
Smells nice everywhere!
Get ready!
Is this food good?
Very good!
In fall we eat turkey.
Nice Pie,
Great day!

by Alex, Emily, Eric, Jenny, Tim



School starts, it is fun!!!!
Check your work.
How much fun is your school?
Our teacher is cool!
Ok Mrs. Nash, it is time to
Learn new things in fall.

by Alaiya, Kyle, Matt, Sadie



Soccer is fun for me, is it for you?
On the field we fall..in fall.
Cool cold breezes come in fall.
Come off the field if its pouring.
Eeeek! They look hard to beat!
Run....run and go score a goal!!!

by Catherine, Devin, Erika, Margaret, Tyler




Halloween holidays are fun.
A ton of ghost stories are told!
Leaves are so colorful!!!!!
Look at the haunted houses!
Oh that is a lot of candy,
Will we get sick if we eat too much?
Eek! That is a scary costume.
Every fall holiday is fun.
No other season is as nice.

 by Anthony, Chase, Dan, Hilary



Cool colors of the leaves.
Odd colors of Autumn.
Leaves change colors.
Order the Fall-T-Shirts!
Read the coloring book, but
Someday in fall would you bring it back...please?

by Hanna, Jacob, Julia, Nicole

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Getting Started:

My goal was to teach my students how to create an Acrostic Poem.  We had just learned about the different types of sentences there are in our English Language, and, we had discussed events or happenings in their lives  associated with Fall.  They read various types of acrostic poems from my previous classes and from classes on the internet.   Their task was to integrate their knowledge into a single acrostic poem.  This would be a group activity.


First, we brainstormed fall happenings in thier lives.  We compiled a list of 30 + ideas. Next, we linked  the ideas with separate topics.  Then, the students were asked to vote on  5 topics they felt they could easily write about. After the 5 topics were chosen, each group was asked to decide on a specific topic for their particular group.  Each group then was assigned the task of writing their Acrostic.   Each group member had to contribute at least one sentence for the group poem.


I assessed the group work using a rubric scale of 4.
Scores of 3 or 4 are above average.
A score of 2 is considered average.
A score of 1 or below is considered below average.
The elements needed in the poem were:
1.) They had to use the topic of fall (happenings in their lives).
2.) Each line must begin with a capital letter & have correct punctuation mark.
3.) The poem had to have a Question, Statement, Exclamation (or) Command.
4.) The Poem must follow the acrostic format (their special word must "stick out" vertically).

Follow up:

Students were later asked to write individual Acrostics. We made a word webb about Halloween.  Rough drafts were written at school.  Sloppy copies were taken home and proof-read with parents.  Revised copies were brought back to school for final touches and formatting.  The individual acrostice were then displayed on a hallway bulletin board titled "Halloween Acrostic Poems".