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Ms. Reber's Class
Kelly Elementary School
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania



I see the town's leaf blower working
I hear wind howling
I smell apple cider
I taste pears
I fell my soft jacket

by Sean


like trick or treating
at my dad's
on Halloween
Because I get a lot of candy

by Tyler


I see pumpkins in a field
I hear ghosts at night.
I smell pumpkin pie in the oven
I taste candy in my mouth
I feel ghosts and goblins on my back.

by Colton


I see leaves.
I hear wind.
I smell apples.
I taste candy.
I feel rain.

by Megan

Fall by

I see people dressed in Halloween costumes.
I hear leaves blowing.
I smell pumpkin pie
I taste candy.
I feel scary when I put on my costume.



I see jack-o-lanterns.
I hear people screaming.
I smell candy.
I taste cider.
I feel skeletons bones.

by Allie


I see constumes.
I hear ghosts going boo!
I smell candy.
I taste pumpkin pie.
I feel monster's hair.

by Hannah


went to pick pumpkins
at a pumpkin patch
on Halloween
to make a jack-o-lantern

by Brian


I see pumpkins in the field and skeletons, too.
I hear witches and monsters.
I smell pumpkin pies with cream on top.
I taste candy.
I feel nuts and acorns falling on my heads.

by Chris


I see yummy pumpkin pie.
I hear ghosts and goblins.
I smell pumpkins growing on the ground.
I taste candies.
I feel pumpkins.

by Stacey

My Cat in Fall

My cat
chases mice
in the woods
when she's hungry
because she likes them.

by Claire


like to jump in the leaves
at my house
in the dark
because it is fun.

by Dawnja



My mom
cleans out the basement
in my house
in October
so we can make room for winter stuff.

by Tracy


When I think of fall I think of leaves. I like fall
because I can play in the leaves. I like leaves. They are fun. I like when it's Halloween because it is fun to go trick-or-treating.by Zane



We go to pick pumpkins. Leaves fall down on the pumpkins. I see birds in the fall. I go to school in the fall. I like fall because I like when leaves fall off of the trees. It is sunny out at fall time. I have friends over in the fall. My favorite color leaves are red and green. I like to go trick or treating at Halloween.

by Amanda


When I ride my bike down the streets I see lots of colorful leaves on the ground.  I like raking leaves because later I get to jump in them. I love fall because my birthday is on October 7 and Halloween is on the 31!  I also like to make leave collections. I love fall! There are so many things to do in fall.

by Annie


I see pumpkins in the hay field.
I hear leaves falling from the trees.
I smell the nice breeze in the fall.
I taste yummy pumpkin seeds.
I feel my soft bed.
by Marina


I see vampires sucking people's blood.
I hear ghosts going oooooo-ooooo-ooooo
I smell candy.
I taste treats.
I feel ghosts and goblins on my shoulder.
by Grant


make pumpkin pie
at my house
after school
because it is fun.
by Jared


like to jump in leaves
at my house
in October
because it is fun.
by Erik

How We Did Our Project

We brainstormed a list of fall words, writing them down on a piece of chart paper which we posted in the classroom.  We reviewed various poetry formats and picked two that we liked the most.  As one of our guided reading centers we wrote the sloppy copies of our poems.  We could choose one of the 2 poetry formats or we could write a paragraph.  Our sloppy copies were edited and then we typed them in ClarisWorks.  We sponge-painted tagboard leaves and glued our poems onto them.


Much of the observations was informal and done through observations-who was participating in the brainstorming of words, who remembered the various poetry formats, etc.. Students sloppy copies were assessed by checking for correct spellings of word wall words and fall words found on the chart. By checking their poems I was able to determine who understood the format and who had difficulty. word processing skills (typing, choosing font, etc..) were assessed as students typed their poems.