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Mrs. Beckman's Class

Merrick-Moore Elementary School
Durham, North Carolina

When I was walking in the park......

I saw all the colorful leaves
I heard the wind blowing very hard.
I smelled the pumpkins.
Now I can taste the pumpkin pie.


I saw all the pretty red leaves
I heard the leaves crunching
I could smell the apples
The apple pie tastes good.


I saw birds in the tree.
I heard the birds singing.
I smelled ripe apples.
I can taste the apple pie now.


I saw the kids playing on slides.
I heard the wind blow.
I smelled the Thanksgiving food all ready and when I got home it tasted great.


I saw a lot of colorful leaves
I heard the trees blow.
I smelled the good apples.
The apples taste great.


I saw the leaves falling
.I heard the wind whistle
I smelled the ripe peaches.
I can taste them now.  


I saw the colorful leaves
I heard the birds singing
I smelled the berries.
They tasted yummy!


I saw the apples in the basket.
I heard the leaves crashing.
I can smell the apple pie and it tastes great.


I saw apples on the trees.
I heard a dog walking
I smelled the apples
The apples tasted good.


I saw the pretty leaves
I heard kids playing.
I smelled apples.
I tasted apple pie. 


I assessed my students using a rubric scale of 4 .
A score of 3 and 4 was above average,  a 2 was average and 1 was below.  The four points I looked for in the students poems were:
1)  They used the topic of fall ( a walk in the park).
2)  They used their sense of sight, hearing, smell, and taste to describe their walks.
3)  Their sentences were complete.
4)  Their sentences began with a capital letter and ended with a special mark.