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Online Autumn has been an exciting educational experience for my second grade students! The growth of their language arts, technological, thinking, and research skills has been phenomenal since the onset of this project. Sharing their work with others and completing online activities have been definite motivators.

The great diversity of this project allowed students to gain a better geographical understanding of other parts of the North American continent. Students discovered environmental changes in different areas vary as well as the products that are harvested during the autumn season. This project has truly been a real-world experience for students and their teachers.

Thanks again to Mrs. Silverman for initiating and coordinating this unique learning experience. You exemplify the best of our profession! Thanks to all the participating students and their teachers for sharing their talents and knowledge of their areas with the rest of the world.

Judy Christiansen, West Ridge Elementary School, Harlan, Iowa

Online Autumn was a wonderful project for the 1st and 2nd grade students in my enrichment program. They created wonderful poetry and felt considerable pride in having it published on the World Wide Web. As usual, Mrs. Silverman has authored a terrific Internet project. She has provided a beautiful site with interesting and relevant links. I was pleased to share the autumn links with the faculty at my school. Keep up the great work, Susan!

Barb Evans, Robeson School

I think this project was successful in many ways.  Online Autumn really motivated my students to write.  They were very excited about being published on the Internet.  It was great for the students to see the workof second graders from all over the country, and to locate the various places on the map.  They also enjoyed writing e-mail messages to other participants and receiving replies.  Thanks for a great project!

LuAnn Lawhon, Most Pure Heart of Mary School, Kansas