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Student reflections will be used to assess this project.

I liked doing the poem, but it was a little hard.  Some of the words were hard.  I like typing on the computer.  I like making pictures.  I like seeing it on the Internet.
by a student in  Mrs. De Boer's Class

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It was fun writing poems. I liked learning about fall leaves. I learned the word deciduous. Leaves are crunchy when they change colors. It was fun reading the 5 W’s (apple) poems on the Internet. When we did our apple experiment, I discovered that apples lose their moisture. My class had fun learning about fall.

Written by students in Mrs. Christiansen’s class

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I like the activities best. These are the ones I did: Mr. Apple Head,Online Autumn Cloze, Hangman, and I tried the crossword puzzle but that was a little hard.  I liked the Autumn Close activity best. I learned that I like poems.  It is fun to write them.  It's not hard at all and they sound so nice when they are finished.  It's fun to read them too.  Oh, and I really liked the recipes that were on one of the pages. They were funny.

Written by Michelle in Mrs. Waterman's Class

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I liked to do the poem on the computer. You got to change the sizes. We go to Claris Works or Kid Pix 2. It is very fun. We usually go into Claris Work painting.

Written by Brett in Mrs. DeBoer's Class

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I thought the fall poetry project was a great idea. I learned a lot about different kinds of poems. Writing poems is fun because you can write whatever you think about.  I like the poems that rhyme the best because they are fun to read.  It is really fun to look at words in a different way. That is what makes poetry so interesting to me.

Written by Tommy in Mrs. Evan's Class

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Letters from Mrs. Lawhon's Class in Kansas

Dear Mrs. Silverman,
I like the project.  It was cool.  Almost everybody saw it.  We read other classes poems and things that they did and wrote to them. It was really fun.  Thank you, Mrs. Silverman.  We liked it.
Love, Carly

Dear Mrs. Silverman,
I think Online Autumn was a good idea.  I liked the music.  I liked seeing other students poems.  I think you should do it again next year.
From, Tyler

Dear Mrs. Silverman,
I like going on our webpage.  It was fun.  I liked seeing our pictures. I liked the project.  We read other classes poems. From, Katie

Hi Mrs. Silverman,
You need more of poems, animals, and leaves.  You need to  take out some of the not rhyming poems.  Well, the rest of it was okay.
Love, Becky

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I like Online Autumn because it is fun to look at people's project.  I like to read what they wrote and to e-mail them.
Written by Sarah in Mrs. Silverman's Class

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"We liked making the cookbook and eating the food we made from the recipes! "
Written by students in Ms. McMille-Almaraz's Class

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I like online autumn because it is made by Mrs. Silverman and it has lots of games too.  Mrs. Silverman worked hard on it
Written by Kaitlynn P. in Mrs. Silverman's Class