Mrs. Silverman's Online Autumn Rubric

You can get a sticker, a stamp, or a check. It is up to you. You need 15 points for a sticker and 6 points for a stamp. If you have less then 6 points you will get a check. Sticker

5 points each


3 points each


1 point each

Complete Sentences Every sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with the correct punctuation mark. You forgot one punctuation mark or capital letter. You forgot more than one punctuation mark or capital letter.
5 Senses You have all five senses. You missed one of the senses. You missed more then four senses.
Behavior You worked quietly and did not bother your classmates. I only had to remind you a few times about your behavior. I had to remind you too many times to stay on task and stop talking.

Student's Name: