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Mrs. Javeline's Class
Terryville Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Hurricanes come very often in the Fall.
Apples are ripe and ready to pick.
Leaves fall to the ground.
Let’s go outside and jump in the leaves.
October weather turns colder.
We can rake all the leaves.
Everybody gets ready for Halloween.
Eat some apple or pumpkin pie.
Now we can dress up.

by Leanne and Lorraine
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Leaves fall to the ground.
Everyone loves to look at the red leaves.
A lot of leaves turn yellow and brown.
Very good job raking the leaves was done by us.
Each one of us likes to jump in the piles of leaves.
Some people burn the leaves to get rid of them.
by Alex and Christian

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Raking leaves is hard work.
As the leaves fall we rake them in piles.
Kicking the piles of leaves is fun.
Everybody likes to jump in the leaves.

by Jackie, Nick, and Tina

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Apples are ready to pick and store for winter.
Umbreallas break in the windy and rainy hurricane weather.
Tons of leaves fall.
Umpires play in the World Series of Baseball.
Mom rakes the leaves.
Now we can play in the raked leaves!

by Alyssa and Samantha

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Fall is a good season to jump in the leaves.
Apples are ready to pick.
Leaves are very colorful.
Let’s pick pumpkins and make some pies.

by Kavaune, Michael, and Roland

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