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Mrs. Carr& Mrs. Southon
Grade 3
Corpus Christi School
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


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Apples, apples, day by day.
Sure to keep the doctors away.
James K.

Apples Apples are so sweet. 
They’re the very  best to eat.
Taylor G.

Apples, apples, falling away,    
I think I’ll eat you today.
Matthew G.

Apples, apples, go away,
I don’t want you here today.
Kara K.

Apples, apples everywhere.
Apples here, apples there.
Amanda F.

Apples, apples, you are sweet.
You are so sweet and neat.
Andrew G.

Apples, oh apples on a tree
That I can see.
Andrew C.

I saw some apples on the ground, 
But, they  won’t  be there all year ‘round.
Ashley  F.

Apples, apples, falling down,
All over the town.
Cody L.

Apples, apples, on the tree.
Apples, apples, are for me
Geoffrey M.

Apple, apple, look at that.
I might think you are a bat.
Nikki L.

Apples apples are so sweet
They give me something good to eat.
Geoffrey Mz.

Apples Apples are so sweet.
I like apples as a treat.
Jake D.

Apples, apples you’re so sweet,  
I want to have you for a treat.
Jordan V.

Today I saw some apple trees.
My, oh  my, they make me sneeze!

Apples, oh apples on a tree, 
You are so nice to see.
Steven K.

Apples, apples, falling on the  floor.
Apples, apples, rolling out the door.
Shaun A.

I am an  apple as you can see.
Please, oh please, don’t eat me.
Kyle C

Apples, apples, oh so sweet
I  want  an  apple for a treat.
Michael D.

Apples, apples on the tree,
Please give some food to  me.
Paige K.

Apples,  apples, everyday.
Keep the doctor far away.
Samuel  M.

Apples make a loud crunch,
When I eat them in my lunch.
Shain S.

Apples, apples look at   me.
I am in an apple tree.
Samantha T.

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The criteria for evaluating the rhyming couplets were based on the expectations set out by the Ontario government.  I chose a couple to emphasize namely:
-students will be able to write poems with a given form.
-students will be able to select and use rhyming words.
-students will recognize and use a beat.
-students will spell words appropriate to grade level.