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We welcome visitors to assess this project.   Please e-mail your comments to Susan Silverman.

I've been browsing through the Online Autumn activities and I am so impressed with the collection of activities presented here. This offers a rich source of autumn ideas for elementary teachers to use. The examples that were published, the steps for creating the activities,and the tips for assessing these activities are exceptional!  Not only was the content great, but the presentation of the information was amazing! A lot of work went into the page layout, design, and navigation. In one word....WONDERFUL!
Tammy Payton
Franklin Institute Science Online Fellow 1998-2000
Milken National Educator Award 1998
Webmaster for Indiana Milken http://ideanet.doe.state.in.us/milken/
Webmaster for Project Buddy http://www.buddyproject.org/
Webmaster for Loogootee Elementary West http://www.siec.k12.in.us/west

Congratulations to all the outstanding student writers across Canada and the United States!!!
AWESOME!!! And special congratulations to the students from Corpus Christi School, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada....."way to go"!!!
M. J. Petrone, Principal
Thank you Mrs. Silverman!

Mrs. Silverman and her Internet colleagues strike again!   This is such outstanding work.   I really enjoyed reading the many poets our teachers are developing.   I also enjoyed reading the instructional and assessment strategies everyone is using.  You do all of us a wonderful service by making our instructional worlds on the Internet a more beautiful place.  Thank you for all of your many contributions, Mrs. Silverman!
Donald J. Leu
Professor of Education
Syracuse University

One can not praise this project enough!  I signed your 2nd grade visitors page already.  I am sending my children to their classes with your address.   Online Autumn will definitely grow.  Again, thanks for your great work.   It really does inspire.
Darryl Lambe

Mrs. Silverman:
Just a note to tell you how impressed I am with your site. My daughter is in Mrs. Glascock's class (Boonsboro, MD). Throughout the week we sit down and visit different sections within your website and each time I do so I am ever more impressed.
It is an honor and a privilege to have my child involved with such a wonderful project. Mrs. Glascock and you personify what a student/teacher relationship should be. Making children feel like learning is fun in lieu of a chore is quite an accomplishment. It is glad to know there are teachers like you that realize we need to enrich and broaden our children's lives and horizons today. Realizing that we will be rewarded with better informed and well adjusted adults who will run the World tomorrow.
This project is building my daughter's confidence and making her World seem a lot smaller and friendlier.
Thank you!!!
Fondly, LaRhonda Eslick PTA President Boonsboro Elementary and 2nd Grade Mom

Dear Mrs. Silverman,
What a wonderful job you have done. The poems are an absolute joy to read. I sat with my daughter who participated in Mrs. Chartier's class in St. Helens, Oregon, and we had such a good time reading the poems of all the different students.  Keep up the excellent job that you are doing.  I will make sure this address does not get misplaced. Thank you again,
Mrs. Simpson, St. Helens, Oregon

My son and I had a great time reading what he had learned about the Canadian Goose.  He loved reading what his friends had written too.  This is an excellent way for the students to publish their learning.  Great Job  McBride 1/2! Mrs. Penziol

I have just reviewed your project and find to one of the most uplifting things I have ever found on the net!!  Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.   My daughter who is in Mrs Chartier's class at Mcbride Elem. in St Helens will be quite thrilled as well.  I was impressed with both the number of classes that have links and amazed at how you pulled it all together so quickly. Your students are lucky to have you !!!!!
Nathan Helwig, St. Helens Or.

Congratulations to Mrs. Charitier's class for their wonderful poetry and Canada geese drawings.  I am sure that you are very proud of your efforts.  Your fellow friends at McBride are proud of you too!
Mrs. Silverman,
Congratulations to you too!  You have done a wonderful job for the benefit of children and their teachers.  What a motivating and delightful way to share their talents.  Thank you Mrs. Silverman!
Shari Noldge, McBride teacher, St. Helens, Oregon

We are extremely proud of our teacher and colleague Susan Silverman.  She is doing wonderful work to enhance literacy through technology for students here in Port Jefferson Station and e-pals all over the world.  She is coaching teachers with their students in their classrooms, as well as providing in-service courses for staff at all levels K-12.  I am continually amazed at the creativity of the students and teachers who participate in these on-line projects.  Even the sky is NOT the limit for enthusiasm, new ideas and collaboration!  Enjoy the work and the results!
Shelley Saffer, Assistant Supt. for Instruction, Comsewogue School District, Port Jefferson Station, NY